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Read the student testimonials below from American English accent students. 


All About Accents always welcomes testimonials and feedback:

"As someone who was raised in China pronunciation and accent always become a big problem for me.  We receive education for reading and writing since I was 7 years old but speaking is not part of the college entrance exam, so we have that much concern about speaking till we realized ourselves.


But it's really hard for me to reduce my accent. I have this accent since i was 7 and I have to correct it after 15 years. So i wanna find a scientific way to reduce my accent.


I found Leann on Internet just by coincidence. But i have to say, it's one of my best decisions I have made to choose the private tutoring of Leann.


In language learning, I think there are two key point that Leann help me on accent reducing.  The first thing is the scientific way, as we all know ,we should go to the clinic when you have some physical problems so Leann told me a scientific way to reduce the accent based on her experience.


The second way is Leann give me an effective feedback.  In biometry, we have something call feedback system, I find I can pronounce single word correctly but I cannot nail it in the sentence, so Leann always give me useful feedback when we are in a conversation.


And I have more things to talk about Leann.  She is a charming person. She can always encourage me to talk it loud, and i think i get a lot progression through these classes.


So I highly recommend your guys to choose private accent tutoring class by Leann. It will be an unforgettable experience for you."

H.H., China

"Leann is an amazing professional. She always comes extremely well-prepared with worksheets, recordings and a google spreadsheet, where she writes down all the words I am pronouncing incorrectly and those I've learned to pronounce correctly.  It's very good because this way you can clearly see your progress. She is really patient  and can tell you exactly how each sound is made. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to speak American English like an American."

L.A.,  Brazil (living in Portugal)

I really benefited from the accent lessons from Leann.  I felt in a matter of a few weeks I developed my accent.  Leann fully customized my needs to the lessons plan, which is something crucial!   I strongly recommend Leanne’s lessons for anyone who wishes to improve accent for any english level (mine was already advanced)

P.L., Portugal

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