All About Accents offers free 30 minute consultations to answer questions about accent coaching, online assessments, and ongoing online private lessons. Read the descriptions below to learn what we offer and upcoming services.  Please contact Leann for more information or questions about services.  Contact through the All About Accents contact form or by email-

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Free 30 Minute Consultation
All About Accents offers a free 30 minute consultation online for students who want to learn more about accent coaching before committing to the accent assessment.  We will discuss your goals, language background, and a description about what to expect from accent coaching.  You are encouraged to ask any questions about the accent reduction process.  Please schedule the consultation through the All About Accents contact form or email with a brief introduction and days/ times of availability.  Please note your time zone so we can coordinate, as I am located in Portugal GMT but see students globally.
Accent Assessment
Once you are interested in accent lessons, the first step is a full online accent assessment.  This is typically 60-90 minutes.  You will read single words and participate in conversation while I collect information about your sounds and speech production.  During the assessment, we will also review the basic policies about future lessons.  After the assessment, I take time to carefully analyze you individual sound patterns and speech, so that I can develop lessons that fit your individual needs.  Your native language/ country of origin does often play a role in your accent, but full analysis will help ongoing lessons fit your individual goals.  
Online Private Accent Lessons
Once the assessment is complete, online accent lessons are 60 minute sessions.  We do exercises prepared for you on sound perception, sounds in words, and producing sentences.  Materials are provided, with in-depth and accessible lessons based on your needs.  Each student is encouraged to write down 10-12 words for each class that you would like to master based on your daily life experiences.  These words can be work related terms, names of people you frequently interact with, or any words you frequently encounter in daily life that you would like to practice pronunciation. Practice exercises will be provided after each class, as it is encouraged to practice often (like any language learning process)!  Online lessons are on Skype, and I use tools to create spreadsheets practice new skills in conversation.
Online Conversation Practice Lessons
Online conversation classes are 40 minutes and are individual classes.  We do readings and conversational topics, with live feedback on pronunciation skills.  We select patterns for the student to focus on during the week when speaking English. Online conversation classes do not include the full lesson material and accent analysis we the accent lessons.  This type of class is ideal for students who want to practice speaking, with live professional feedback on pronunciation skills, increasing awareness of your common sound patterns.  
*New* Online English Conversation Classes for Kids
(Starting Age 6)
Many children around the globe are learning English as a non-native language ​starting at a young age.   It is very exciting to see the presence of English for children in schools and in media!  Many English classes for children focus on learning single vocabulary words or grammatical drills.  All About Accents conversation classes for children are designed to accompany these lessons, focusing on speaking fluency and conversational skills for 45 minutes.  Classes for younger children are designed to meet the interests of the child, with formal planning and a child-led  format.  These classes are ideal for children who have started learning some English in school, with parents desiring a focus on speaking practice and fluency.  Ideal for children interested in English speaking.  
Private In-Person Accent Coaching (Porto, Portugal)
All About Accents offers in-person accent coaching for non-native American English speakers in Porto Area, Portugal.  Ideal for students and professionals with any native language who want to master pronunciation and intonation of American English while having meeting in-person rather than online.

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