Free E-Book: Basic Anatomy of Speaking for English Accent Students

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

All About Accents has a new E-Book: Basic Anatomy of Speaking for English Accent Students. In this book, you will learn the 4 anatomical systems involved in speaking, and the basic anatomical structures used to make sounds. The goal of the book is to help students understand the basic anatomy of your own system.

Understanding basic speech anatomy is important for accent students to:

- > Understand how sounds are made and how we speak

- > Have increased awareness of sounds on your body, giving yourself feedback for home practice

-> Understand frequently used terminology for you to access more resources, such as books, tutorials, and internet interactive sites

This free E-Book is comprehensive and detailed, yet designed with accent students in mind. This means that although anatomy and physiology of speaking is very in-depth, this book only covers the most essential basics for students to understand.

If you are interested in this free E-Book, please fill out the contact form on the All About Accents website, stating in the message box that you would like a free copy of the book, and it will be sent to you electronically by e-mail. You can also e-mail All About Accents directly to request the electronic copy-

Enjoy speaking English with confidence and your language journey!

Leann Rhoades, M.S. CCC-SLP

Accent Coach/ Speech Language Pathologist

All About Accents



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