American English Syllable Stress for Korean Speakers- Part 1

This video tutorial is about American English syllable stress for native Korean speakers.  Since Korean has a fixed stress pattern and English does not, it is important to practice which syllable is receives the stress in a word in English.  

This tutorial reviews 4 word pairs.  The first word is a noun, and therefore notice that the syllable stress is on the first syllable with the noun.  The second word in the pair is the same word, but a verb, and therefore the stress is on the second syllable.  

Watch the video above to hear my models and sample sentences with the following 4 word pairs.  Tap along with your hand to “feel” the syllable that receives the stress in these pairs.  

Syllable Stress Exercise :

Word Noun Verb

Object OB-ject ob-JECT

Record RE-cord re-CORD

Produce PRO-duce pro-DUCE

Desert DE-sert de-SERT

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