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Leann Rhoades, M.S. CCC-SLP

Accent Coach/ Speech Language Pathologist


Porto, Portugal 

Tel: +1 540-999-1543  


WhatsApp / WeChat: +351 913 127 515


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About Leann

My name is Leann Rhoades, and I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from New York University.   My native language is American English, I speak Spanish as a non-native speaker, and study Russian and Portuguese. I have over 10 years experience practicing as a Speech Language Pathologist in the United States, a lifetime of foreign language learning, and life experience that has drawn me to the world of accent modification.  I am a PESL-certified accent modification trainer (Pronouncing English as a Second Language).


In 2018 I received a dual nationality with Portugal, and I am not a Portuguese speaker.  As an American adult living in Portugal with my family, I have first hand experience with the excitement of learning a new language, but understand the frustration with difficulty being understood.  Sometimes I think I say a Portuguese sentence “perfectly,” but only receive a blank stare and I am frequently misunderstood due to my pronunciation. I have experienced communication breakdowns because of accent both in informal settings (such as a cafe), and formal settings (such as important appointments with immigration).  Through this ongoing experience, I know the importance of accent  for being understood in your non-native language. I decided to use my knowledge and background in speech language pathology to help learners of American English, and this is how the concept of “All About Accents” was formed.  

I offer a wide range of accent services online, including one- on- one accent reduction lessons for accent students.  My lessons are all individualized for the student, and I strive to work with the accent student as a team to develop and work towards goals.  My teaching style combines my education and work experience as a speech language pathologist, continuing education in accents and linguistics, personal experience in learning foreign languages, and personal experience of living in a country with a language I do not speak (just yet)!  

Through my 10 years of clinical practice as a speech-language pathologist, I have worked with both children and adults with a variety of speech and language disorders including aphasia, language delays, articulation disorders, and fluency disorders.  I have worked in a variety of settings including homes, public schools, hospital outpatient setting, and clinical nursing rehabilitative settings. I have taken additional coursework in Linguistics at San Francisco State University. Through this program, I had the exciting opportunity to participate in a language documentation project in 2014 in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, working with a team documenting an endangered language, Zapotec  to Spanish.