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Educational Experience and Certifications

My name is Leann Rhoades, and I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from New York University.   My native language is American English and I speak Spanish and Portuguese as a non-native speaker. I have over 10 years experience practicing as a Speech Language Pathologist in the United States, a lifetime of foreign language learning, and life experience that has drawn me to the world of accent modification.  I am a PESL-certified accent modification trainer (Pronouncing English as a Second Language).  I am also licensed through the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

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Personal Experience

Although I have the formal education and training to understand the speech production system to help accent students, it is really my personal life experience that helps me in my accent coaching methods.  In 2019, I moved to Portugal with my family, with the official language where I live not being my native language. I personally understand the excitement of learning a new language, along with the frustration of communication breakdowns in important situations.


When I work with American English accent students, I want to understand your needs for verbal communication in English and your accent goals.  I take the formal “speech science” and provide accessible strategies for students to reach your accent goals. We go beyond memorization and drills, with tips for students to “feel” and “hear” sounds on your own body, to empower you to have accent tools for continuous learning outside of classes.  Along with individual lessons with lesson plans, I find that accent students really enjoy and benefit from conversational practice with my live feedback as a trained professional.

Previous Work Experience

Through my 10 years of clinical practice as a speech-language pathologist, I have worked with both children and adults with a variety of speech and language disorders including aphasia, language delays, articulation disorders, and fluency disorders.  I have worked in a variety of settings including homes, public schools, hospital outpatient setting, and clinical nursing rehabilitative settings. I have taken additional coursework in Linguistics at San Francisco State University. Through this program, I had the exciting opportunity to participate in a language documentation project in 2014 in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, working with a team documenting an endangered language, Zapotec  to Spanish.  

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